The Open Planets Foundation (OPF) addresses core digital preservation challenges by engaging with its members and the community to develop practical and sustainable tools and services to ensure long-term access to digital content.

Quattro Pro for DOS: an obsolete format at last?

While browsing ArchiveTeam's File Formats Wiki earlier this week, I came across some entries I created there on Quattro Pro spreadsheets two years ago. At the time I had also contributed some old Quattro Pro for DOS spreadsheets (here and here) from my personal archives to the OPF format corpus. Seeing those files again, I decided to spend an afternoon trying to access them using modern-day software. This turned out to be more challenging than expected. It even made me wonder whether, at long last, I had finally run into a case of the much discussed (but rarely observed) phenomenon of format obsolescence. Yes, big words indeed, and if anyone would like to prove me wrong, the comments section below is your friend!

Running archived Android apps on a PC: first impressions

Earlier this week I had a discussion with some colleagues about the archiving of mobile phone and tablet apps (iPhone/Android), and, equally important, ways to provide long-term access. The immediate incentive for this was an announcement by a Dutch publisher, who recently published a children's book that is accompanied by its own app. Also, there are already several examples of Ebooks that are published exclusively as mobile apps. So, even though we're not receiving any apps in our collections yet, we'll have to address this at some point, and it's useful to have an initial idea of the challenges that may lie ahead.

Maturity levels & Preservation Policies

Recently at the iPRES 2014 conference in Melbourne I gave a presentation on the SCAPE Preservation Policies.  Not only I explained  the SCAPE  Preservation Policy Model , but I also summarized my findings after analysing 40 real life preservation policies. You can read the detailed information in my article (to be published soon).

Open Planets Foundation is becoming the Open Preservation Foundation

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our company name to the Open Preservation Foundation. The name change reflects the foundation's core purpose and vision in the field of digital preservation while retaining its widely-known acronym, OPF. 
During 2014 there have been several new additions to the foundation.

Scape Demonstration: Migration of audio using xcorrSound

As part of the scape project, we did a large-scale experiment and evaluation of audio migration using the xcorrSound tool waveform-compare for content comparison in the quality assurance.

I did a presentation of the results at the demonstration day at the State and University Library, see the SCAPE Demo Day at Statsbiblioteket blog post by Jette G. Junge.