Word Perfect 6 to RTF Migration IF Service

There is a very first test available for a emulation based Word Perfect 6 to RTF file migration. A PLANETS web service running in Freiburg could be invoked by OPF partners running a PLANETS instance by adding an external resource. Just add the WSDL file of UfcMigrate The URL will change over the time when moving to a production server machine. You might need to reconfigure your PLANETS instance by cp server/default/data/planets/dom-config/* server/default/conf/planets/server/default/data/planets/ and restart afterwards. Otherwise a download of the migrated object would not be possible. See Isgandars blog entry for some more technical background and the link to his thesis describing it in depth.


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I registered your new service in the Planets Testbed (see here), but unfortunately that machine appears to have run out of disk space and I can't yet invoke the service via the Testbed. I'm hoping we'll be able to fix this soon.