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Preserving PDF: identify, validate, repair

This event will focus on the PDF file format. Participants are encouraged to contribute requirements, for instance sample files with errors or anomalies for investigation. Currently available identification and validation tools will be demonstrated, with the opportunity to compare results using your own collections and identify gaps for future development.
OPF members have identified specific tasks for the event:
  • check the validity of the files and whether they are encrypted;
  • perform quality assurance checks after migration, using comparison tools; 
  • investigate error messages, repair the problems, and build a knowledge base; and
  • document and improve open source tool functionality e.g. JHOVE validation.
There will also be discussion sessions, and the opportunity to share experiences with peer organisations.
Olaf Drümmer, Chairman of the PDF Association / CEO of callas software GmbH / DIN delegate to all PDF related working groups in ISO TC 171 and ISO TC 130 since 1999, will present the work of the ISO standards body, including efforts related to PDF and PDF/A, and share the industry perspective on tool development.
Why attend?
  • Learn about PDF and PDF/A standards 
  • Document and prioritise known preservation problems with PDF files
  • Assess state of the art identification and validation tools
  • Test the tools on sample files and compare the results 
  • Define organisational requirements and policies for conformance
  • Identify requirements for future development work (road-mapping)
  • Help improve current PDF tools (hacking)
Who should attend? 
Collection owners with a responsibility to preserve PDFs. Bring along your problem files! 
Developers interested in hacking PDF identification and validation tools.
OPF members are invited free-of-charge (please use the code issued to your main point of contact at your organisation). Non-members are welcome at the rate of EUR 150.
1 September 2014 to 2 September 2014
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Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL 2014) & Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL 2014)

The Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) is a major international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, and social issues. JCDL enhances the tradition of conference excellence already established by the ACM and IEEE-CS by combining the annual events that these professional societies have sponsored on an annual basis, the ACM Digital Libraries Conferences and the IEEE-CS Advances in Digital Libraries Conferences.

At this conference the Vannevar Bush Best Paper Award, Best Student Paper Award, Best International Paper Award, Best Poster award are presented to persons who have made outstanding contribution to this field. This conference invites papers on the wide range of topics of interest in Digital Library to the National and International Community.

8 September 2014 to 12 September 2014
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iPres 2014

The 11th annual iPres conference on digital preservation will be held from 6 to 10 October 2014 at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.

The iPRES 2014 Coordinating Committee invites contributions of papers, posters, demonstrations, tutorials and workshops related to the increasingly broad topic of digital preservation.

The 2014 conference is canvassing contributions along two primary axes – Research and Innovative Practice.

Contributions should address at least one of the following topics:


  • intelligent and secure storage
  • scalability
  • complex formats
  • large web data sets
  • software and hardware dependencies
  • system architectures and requirements
  • distributed and cloud-based implementations


  • institutional contexts for preservation
  • personal archiving
  • collaboration
  • collection content profiling

Strategic environment

  • legislative, strategy and policy enablers (eg preservation intent, pre-conditioning)
  • standards
  • local, regional and national approaches

Preservation strategies and workflows

  • migration
  • emulation
  • metadata
  • risk measurement and management
  • preservation planning and actions
  • acquisition and ingest
  • access provision

Specialist content types

  • web
  • GIS
  • digital art
  • primary, scientific, sensor data
  • governmental and medical records
  • technical and scientific processes
  • engineering models and simulation
  • corporate processes and recordkeeping

A digital preservation marketplace

  • products
  • tools
  • services
  • registries
  • understanding authenticity and integrity
  • exploitation of computationally aware data from our digital repositories
  • business models
  • added value
  • benefits
  • exploitation
  • long tail

Theory of digital preservation

  • models
  • empirical testing
  • measuring semantic shift

Case studies and best practice

  • implementations
  • repositories
  • issues and wins

Training and education

  • educational needs
  • curricula
  • innovative offerings

See the Call for Contributions page [] for more information.
Key dates:

  • 1 December 2013 – call for contributions opens
  • 28 March 2014 – all submissions due
  • 20 June 2014 – iPRES 2014 programme released and early bird registrations open
  • 1 September 2014 – early bird registrations close
  • 6 September 2014 – final version of papers due
  • 30 September 2014 – registrations close
  •  6 October 2014 – iPRES conference at State Library of Victoria begins
  • 10 October 2014 – iPRES conference ends


6 October 2014 to 10 October 2014
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DC-2014 International Conference and Annual Meeting of DCMI

Metadata is fundamental in enabling ubiquitous access to cultural and scientific resources through galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAM). While fundamental, GLAM traditions in documentation and organization lead to significant differences in both their languages of description and domain practices. And yet, the push is on for "radically open cultural heritage data"* that bridges these differences as well as those across the humanities and the natural sciences. DC-2014 will explore the role of metadata in spanning the archipelago of siloed cultural memory in an emerging context of linked access to data repositories as well as repositories of cultural artifacts.

8 October 2014 to 11 October 2014
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Archives and Cultural Industries 2014

Archives around the world house a tremendous amount of textual, graphic, cartographic, photographic and audiovisual documents that make up the material with which mankind's collective memory has been constructed. Archives have traditionally been responsible for conserving and organising this documentation in order to meet the needs of public administration and facilitate historical research. In addition to this, however, the documentation kept in archives may have other uses, such as the creation of consumer products in the cultural sphere.

The digitisation of collections of documents has allowed the creation of multiple cultural resources accessible through the Internet and other communication networks that can be a focal point of interest to businesses and consumers. We must, therefore, be aware of the potential of this documentation to meet the needs of those agents that generate cultural products and consumer demands among the population.

Hence innovative strategies must be established in both the treatment and organisation of documentation and its dissemination and exploitation, in legal ways that respect intellectual property rights, and which ultimately reassess the role of archives in the Information and Knowledge Society.

11 October 2014 to 15 October 2014
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5th International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World

The “5th International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World” will take place in Antalya, Turkey, from November 24-26, 2014.  To commemorate the 2014 Turkish-German Science Year, IMCW2014 is organized in cooperation with Hacettepe University and the Goethe-Institutes in Turkey.

IMCW2014 will be held jointly with the 10th International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM2014: at the same venue so that participants will have a chance to attend both events.

Information about the call for contributions is here:

24 November 2014 to 26 November 2014
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