The Open Planets Foundation (OPF) addresses core digital preservation challenges by engaging with its members and the community to develop practical and sustainable tools and services to ensure long-term access to digital content.

Optimising archival JP2s for the derivation of access copies

Like many other organisations that are using JPEG 2000, the KB produces two representations of most of its digitised content (newspapers, books, periodicals):

Book sprinting with SPRUCE

We are now into the final few months of the SPRUCE Project and we're beginning to complete some key outputs from the project. A key aim has been to encourage and support digital preservation activity in the UK from both a technical and business perspective. So we wanted to support practitioners in bringing in the funding they need to make preservation happen. To that end, we've produced a toolkit that guides them through the process of writing a business case focused on digital preservation:
Rather than taking the usual report writing approach to creating this resource, we thought we'd follow some of the agile principles we'd been championing on SPRUCE and run a "book sprint". 

bwFLA Demo - Emulation-based Ingest and Access Workflows

It has been quite some time since the last update of the bwFLA demo instance. Sine then we have significantly improved usability and added a lot of new and hopefully useful features. With a first complete implementation of ingest and workflows it is time to release new version of the bwFLA framework.

Preliminary notes: 

ENSURE Architecture

The ENSURE (Enabling kNowledge Sustainability, Usability and Recovery for Economic value) project focuses on the challenges associated with the long-term preservation of data produced by organizations in different sectors, namely health care, clinical trials and finance. A cloud based digital preservation system is in the final stages of development. The following figure shows the architecture of the ENSURE system.